Wednesday, March 31, 2010


November 2009, my Multimedia II instructor, David Allen Jones, had us move our blogger posts to wordpress. Since then, I have been posting all blogs to both accounts; but I have now decided to only post on wordpress. Until I set up my website, please see all my new posts at this wordpress site. Thanks for keeping up with me! See you on wordpress! Leave me a comment and let me know you've moved over to check me out! TTFN SDG

My First Senior Shoot!

My first senior shoot was on a cold and windy day; but three friends together make for lots of laughter! SC and KG were very cooperative, the wind wasn’t. Anyone know how to fix hair in the wind! We just let it go…since that’s all we could do anyway. Check out my other images on my flickr site. TTFN SDG

Photoshop Sneak Peek – Love It!

A fellow classmate, Damian AhChing, shared this video. I love all the new manipulations pending in Photoshop. TTFN SDG

Re-Shoot: Amaretto

This is my alcohol re-shoot. I think it turned out great! I shot it in the corner of my roll-top desk at home with one main light in front, no gels, and a mini-slave behind. I had to experiment with the mini-slave. Turning it toward the bottle blew it out; so it is turned away from the bottle toward a gold reflector card. I love my husband! He stayed up till 2am after returning from a long flight from London to help me troubleshoot. What a guy! TTFN SDG

My First Food Shoot

This is my first attempt at shooting food. I was working with Chef Jennifer from the Gwinnett Technical College Culinary School. The theme for the shoot was Mexican Food, my favorite; and Jennifer was assigned tamales. It was a creative struggle to photograph them in a ‘delicious’ manner. All the food was delectable. Thanks, Chef Kerry, for opening up your kitchen to us to share the spoils of war! TTFN SDG

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Advanced Commercial-Advertising

This is my husband’s new Shure microphone, for his Overlook Sound business, in front of my Peavey speaker. It’s a composite of eight different images. I gelled the mic with six different gels; these are the five colors I chose to use, plus I had to fill in areas around the red and green. I was attempting the color wheel in this effort; the only missing color is cyan. TTFN SDG

Platinum Printing

Deanna Washington and I worked together on our history project, which has been completed and turned in. We chose to do platinum printing. I love the images I researched; but we found the process more difficult than Alfred Stieglitz makes it look! This is my favorite image. TTFN SDG

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jing Photography Collection – History, Part IV

‘The Decisive Moment’ signed by Henri Cartier Bresson. The most amazing photograph ever! And to see it in person was a budding photographer’s inspiration! TTFN SDG

Jing Photography Collection – History, Part III

‘The Cocktail Party’ by Sandy Skoglund, 1992. Mr. Jing also had some interesting images I had never seen before. Sandy Skoglund has great imagination; and the cheetos made a delicious-looking image! TTFN SDG